Acrylic Mirror Sheet

$7.79 - $613.73

At Commercial Plastic Depot we stock our exclusive Spectra Mirror, acrylic mirror sheets, in a myriad of sizes and colors.  Lightweight, shatter resistant and flexible, our acrylic mirrors offer a safe and cost efficient alternative to glass mirrors.  Check out our inventory of oversized 1/8”- 49” X 97” acrylic mirror sheets. They come in 15 different colors including silver/clear. Need a thicker mirror? No problem! Acrylic mirror sheets up to 1/4”- 49” X 97” as in stock.  In addition, we sell Spectra Mirror cut to sizes of of 2’x4’, 4’x4’, 4’x6’, and 2’x8’.

Common uses for acrylic mirror sheets range from marine and automotive to health clubs and point of purchase.  We also sell acrylic mirror two way glass, great for security and commercial jobs.  At our onsite production facility we can custom cut 4’x8’ acrylic mirror sheets into many different shapes and sizes. We are here for all your laser cut and etch mirror needs. We even do laser engraved mirror wedding invitations. Contact us today so we can discuss your specific custom cut or sheet mirror needs.

Thickness Options:

  • 1/16″ = .060 = 1.5mm
  • 5/64″ = .080 = 2mm
  • 1/8″ = .118″ = 3mm
  • 3/16″ = .177 = 4.5mm
  • 1/4″ = .220″ = 5.6mm

Sheets per Pallet:

  • 1/8” – 100 Sheets to a pallet
  • 1/4” – 50 sheets to a pallet

Send us a message if you have any questions or specific needs prior to placing your order.

$7.79 - $613.73

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1.5mm (.060" 1/16") 3mm (.118" 1/8") 5.6mm (.220" 1/4")
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1x1.5(12"x18") 1'x1' (12"x12") 1'x2' (12"x24") 2'x2' (24"x24") 2’x4′ (24″x48″) 4'x4' (48"x48") 4’1″x8’1″ (49″x97″)
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Bronze 1600 Dark Blue 2424 Dark Red 2423 Gold Grey 1050 Light Green 2414 Light Red 1310 Medium Blue 2069 Medium Red 1400 Orange 1119 Pink 1450 Purple 1020 Rose Gold Silver Yellow 2208
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Film Masked
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